Travel from Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh By Motorbike to explore the whole Vietnam

If you desire an exciting motorcycle trip, read this article to gain yourselves more traveling experience on the journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by Motorbike.

Where do you usually choose to go for a 2-week vacation?

Many people choose to come back home, to be with their families and friends, while others prefer cool-climate destinations like Sapa or Dalat.

Another good option is traveling around Vietnam by motorbike, in other words, traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by Motorbike.

Let’s take a minute to make a detailed plan for this bike trip!

What To Prepare?

  1. Make sure your motorbike is in good condition and ready for the long trip we are planning to have. 

The distance from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is by no means short, and there will be underdeveloped and somewhat inhabited regions throughout the journey, so if your bike breaks down in the middle of the road, finding a repair shop will be pretty much challenging. Meanwhile, moving by scooter is not recommended because of its inability to go through slopes and passes. 

  1. Bring a manual inflater. It is best to get a brand new pair of tires before the trip. But even if you have already replaced them, an inflater would still be necessary. Even better if you have a repair kit ready for simple problems like a puncture.
  2. Bring a high-quality helmet with the windshield to avoid visual impairs. Because when traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by motorbike, our eyes have to work continuously, this is a must as it can protect your eyes and your vision is of utmost importance. You should use the full-or ¾ -face type of helmet to protect the head and avoid any discomfort… Your windshield should not cause any form of sight blockage, especially when traveling at night. However, you should avoid night travel as much as you can.
  3. What about clothes?

Just bring enough clothes for the journey: a long-sleeved suit, 3-5 sets of shorts; and additional coats if the weather is a bit cold or if you plan to visit the highlands and mountains. Prepare a raincoat in case it rains.

Sturdy, waterproof yet comfortable shoes are recommended to protect your feet while you take a walk. You can also bring a cardboard bag when going to the beach. In addition, an Internet-connected phone is absolutely welcome, on top of all: a traditional updated paper map, for more precise guidance. You should also bring a camera to capture your memorable moments along the way.

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During The Trip

  1. Travel during the day, and rest at night if you’re not a night traveler. Nighttime can pose certain dangers like container trucks, bulky vehicles, and artificial lights. You cannot disregard them during long travels. For instance, artificial light on the road can reflect on the windshield rendering you unable to clearly see the road. 
  2. Remember to slow down when encountering fog and thunderstorms on your trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by motorbike. To ensure health, safety and maintain endurance while traveling, you should only ride a maximum of 400 km per day, or an average of only 200 – 300  km/day at a speed of 50km / h.
  3. Regarding food, you should not eat strange, raw or undercooked dishes to avoid abdominal pain. Besides, backpackers should limit the use of cold water, carbonated drinks and alcohol like wine and beer. It is always not a good idea to drive if you drink alcohol. A tip for choosing a roadside restaurant is to choose the one crowded with trucks, as truck drivers are often well-informed of good and cheap restaurants. Sleep well, avoid traveling during sickness. 

Every locality we go through, there is a different specialty! It will be a pleasant experience to do your own research; however, as a gift, we would like to give you some recommendations. Here is a list of specialties in some places we come across during our Vietnam motorbike tours. They are Hue tea, Nghe An eel porridge, Da Nang pork roll rice paper, Quang Nam chicken rice, and many more.

Connect your phone to the Internet to browse the Map when needed. However, be ready to ask for direction in case your phone runs out of battery or something. Remember to ask in a friendly and polite way and steer clear of conflicts with the locals. Besides, do not forget to take photos and enjoy yourself.

Image of a couple traveling on a motorbike
Image of a couple traveling on a motorbike


On The Way Back

  1. It is always nice to revisit the old path you take on the way. However, trying a new way will bring you more exciting experiences. 
  2. If you try a new road, make sure to calculate everything as if you would be on a completely new trip. Try to revisit the people you met along the way. If they help you, thank them again for their assistance.

In Conclusion

A trip across Vietnam is a very pleasant experience for your long vacation. However, please make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for such a long journey. So far, I have shared with you all of my knowledge of traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh by motorbike. For the last advice, do not forget to do your own research on Vietnamese tourist attractions that cannot be missed before departure. Wish you an enjoyable trip and the most interesting travel experience!


Source: Vietnam Dirt Bike Tours & Off-road

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