Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

Plenty of beautiful sightseeing in Vietnam are waiting you to come and discover. Before deciding where to go, you must know the best time to visit Vietnam.

When deciding the best time to visit Vietnam, besides wonderful destination, travelers also consider the climate. Climate will depend on which province you go, because landscapes usually come from many provinces and each month they has a different change.

If you plan to see the whole country, deciding on the best time to visit Vietnam can be complicated. Vietnam is over 1,000km (600 miles) in length and has huge regional diversity, however as a truly year-round destination, travel to any part of Vietnam during any season is possible.

You know, Vietnam has 3 parts: South, Central and North. Let’s see what the weather looks like in each region to decide for yourself the best time to visit Vietnam.

Southern Vietnam

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

In southern Vietnam the dry season lasts from December to late April or May, and the rains from May through to November. Since most rain falls in brief afternoon downpours, this need not be off-putting, though flooding at this time of year can cause problems in the Mekong Delta.

Daytime temperatures in the region rarely drop below 20°C, occasionally hitting 40°C during the hottest months such as March, April and May. The climate of the central highlands generally follows the same pattern, though temperatures are cooler, especially at night. Again, the monsoon rains of May to October can make transport more complicated, sometimes washing out roads and cutting off remoter villages.

Central coast

If you plan to send your holiday in the beautiful beaches with blue water and white sands, deciding best time to visit Vietnam depends on which beach you want to visit. Reaching all the way from Central to Southern Vietnam down the east coast, there are beaches for every season.

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

Along the central coast the rainfall pattern reverses under the influence of the northeast monsoon. Around Hue and Da Nang, the rains last a bit longer, from September to February, so it pays to visit these two cities in the spring (Feb–May).

Temperatures in the central cost reach their maximum (often in the upper 30s) from June to August, when it’s pleasant to escape into the hills. The northern stretches of this coastal region experience a more extreme climate, with a shorter rainy season (peaking in Sept and Oct) and a hot dry summer.

The coast of central Vietnam is the zone most likely to be hit by typhoons, bringing torrential rain and hurricane-force winds. Though notoriously difficult to predict, in general the typhoon season lasts from August to November.

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

In particular about the beach, beaches in the south boast warm temperatures year-round with highs around 30°C (86°F).

  • Nha Trang is affected by monsoon season from September to January, when typhoons do occasionally hit they often cause torrential rain and long drizzly days.
  • Phu Quoc and Mui Ne experience wet season from June to September, and while Mui Ne has a microclimate with less rain, it still experiences some light afternoon showers.
  • Con Dao is hot and humid year-round, with a wet season from May to November. Afternoon showers are generally brief, while July through September can see heavy rain at night.

Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is generally warm and sunny from October to December, after which cold winter weather sets in, accompanied by fine persistent mists which can last for several days. Between May and August, temperatures occasionally reach 40°C between May and August thanks to its rising in March, building to summer maximums, meanwhile the average temperatures in Hanoi are around a more reasonable 30°C.

However, summer is also the rainy season, when heavy downpours render the low-lying delta area almost unbearably hot and sticky, and flooding is a regular hazard. The northern mountains share the same basic regime, though temperatures are considerably cooler and higher regions see ground frosts, or even a rare snowfall, during the winter (Dec–Feb).

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

For example, Ho Chi Minh city (also called Saigon) – a popular city in Vietnam – experiences consistently warm temperatures year-round, with balmy days averaging around 28°C (82°F). From May to November, expect tropical downpours in the afternoon so travel is rarely affected by the rain and everything is lush and green at this time.

Best time to visit Vietnam

With such a complicated weather picture, there’s no one particular season to recommend as the best time for visiting Vietnam.

The best time to visit Vietnam is spring (February to April) and autumn (August to October) which are probably the most favorable seasons if you’re covering the whole country. The temperatures are more moderate and rainfall is lighter. In spring, March and April have the lowest rainfall across all destinations and temperatures are pleasant, though still cool in the far north.

Best time to visit Vietnam: March

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

In March, we will recommend for you a best place to visit, it is Moc Chau – all the hills and ranges of mountains are covered in white of “Ban” flowers.

Moc Chau in March have ceased to be cold, the sun is lightly sweet, warm as to cherish people, scenery after the hard winter. Finding the white path blooming flower season like peach flowers, plum blossom is not easy, so many people choose Moc Chau in “Ban” flowers for the destination.

Moc Chau town in this season is preparing for the traditional festival of Thai ethnicity, the space is so peaceful in the mountains that makes traveler also feel safe and sound. In conclusion, Moc Chau in March is still beautiful – a pure gentle beauty of white flowers.

Best time to visit Vietnam: April

This month, you can visit everywhere but should not miss out Da Nang & Hoi An – Time of Fireworks Festival.

Catching your heart when knowing best time to visit Vietnam

Every years, Da Nang International Firework Festival (DIFF 2018) will take place from April with different themes.

With many activities in this festival, this festival makes Da Nang a vibrant city during the summer of 2018 and becomes one of the Asia’s biggest fireworks festivals. Da Nang International Firework Festival are usually held along the banks of Han river.

If you plan to visit Da Nang this month, remember to visit Ba Na Hills, see the Golden Bridge with two giant stone hands – a well-known symbol of this place.

When coming to Da Nang, you can also take a 30-kilomiter trip to the ancient town of Hoi An. This beautiful town with colorful lanterns will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

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