Is it dangerous to travel Ha Giang by motorbike?


Your concern is obvious since Ha Giang has been known for its exceptional bends for mountain passes: hairpin turns, horseshoe curves (or omega curves), sinuous tracks, etc., the whole set. And that’s also the first thing that BM Travel Adventure would want to tell you about Ha Giang: the staggering mountain passes wriggling up and down mountain flanks, with a towering cliff and a deep drop on either side; what frightens laymen to motorcycling in the mountains, is what you’ll soon appreciate about this rocky highland.

So besides sharing with you interesting courses, you will be provided in this article some details on the more tricky spots and other safety notice to pay attention to on your self-drive Ha Giang motorbike tour.

Is the road to Ha Giang dangerous?


The Ha Giang motorbike tour can be divided into two parts: Hanoi – Ha Giang and Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Ha Giang.

First part: The Hanoi – Ha Giang

A usual, everyday road. There is nothing dangerous about this leg of the journey.

You got our advice here from BM Travel Adventure: The landscapes along this part of the journey is of no significance so as a normal tourist, you should take a coach equipped with beds, sleep your way to Ha Giang and rise and ride afresh next morning on a rented motorbike to your exploring quest. That would save you much of the toil and the risks.

Second part: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Ha Giang

This is the most beautiful course in Ha Giang. The very treacherous passages carved on its many mountains just charms travelers who come there into loving this land, almost on their first glance. Noticeable slopes include Bac Sum, Cong Troi Quan Ba (heaven’s gate), the Quan Ba – Can Ty descent, the Quan Ba – Yen Minh incline, Tham Ma slope, Ma Pi Leng pass, Duong Thuong slope incline, etc.

Each of them is wildly winding, but since passengers and vehicles are so scantly seen in these parts of Ha Giang, a good manual transmission bike (with or without clutch) and an attentive control are all you need to be safe. Though the road could have many twists and turns, it offers in return the satisfying prospect of enchanting views.

  • The Bac Sum slope is most wild and tricky. Slowly and carefully only should you navigate through this one.
  • The Tham Ma incline will slide you to the Dong Van Karst Plateau. And what a view does it shows from up top looks down yonder below; you shouldn’t miss this chance to work on your photographs.
  • Sung La slope is the more feminine of the lot with a set of softly carved curves.
  • You’ll see, these dangerous bends and twists turn out to be, to your surprise, what is attractive about this land of hills and rock. Don’t believe it yet? Wait till you got to behold the sunset from Yen Minh wood of pine.

Ha Giang by motorbike 1

Motorcycles are most suitable for traveling Ha Giang

The best option for a stunning Ha Giang tour is motorcycles. These two-wheelers alone could deliver the adventurous experience in its full to this mountain land journey.

On motorcycles, the most stunning features of this beautiful course are fully revealed. It is a great loop of 390 km long from Ha Giang to Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Dong Thuong and back to Quan Ba then Ha Giang.

Should you be afraid of robbery?

We have been traveling Ha Giang by motorbike so many times since 2013 but had never heard of robbers. You can rest your thoughts! But it does help to go on Ha Giang motorbike tours, as you will have assistance and more fun. Also, you shouldn’t be on road at night, it can be dangerous.

There are different ways to take this Ha Giang motorbike tour, as you can start motorcycling right from Hanoi or take a bus to Ha Giang city and rent a motorbike there. Whichever way, you can always savor the taste for large cylinder beasts on the challenging off-road courses of Ha Giang with our motorbikes. If you are a fan of dirt bikes or enduro bikes and wanna travel Ha Giang on your favorite bike, you can rent a bike in Hanoi and start your Ha Giang motorcycle tour from Hanoi. Otherwise, you can pay for the motorbike shipping fee from Hanoi to Ha Giang and head off in Ha Giang. Currently, there are no dirt bike/ enduro bike rentals available in Ha Giang, therefore, renting a bike in Hanoi is the best and only choice.

For many years of working as a leading motorbike rental Vietnam, BM Adventure Travel focuses on providing the best dirt bikes & enduro bikes for Vietnamese terrains with capacity from 150cc to 1200cc in Hanoi (Honda CRF250L, Honda XR150L, Suzuki DRZ400, Triumph Tiger 800, BMW GS1200, Kawasaki​ KLX 450R, Yamaha WR450F…) only from 25USD/bike/day. We assure you that Chinese fake Honda motorbikes are not used here. Having many years of experience, we ensure to provide the best motorbike rental services.

We also provide all-inclusive Vietnam motorcycle tours for travelers all around the world. Our Ha Giang motorbike tours are offered with detailed itineraries where routes are selected exclusively for motorcycles to exploit their versatility in exploring pristine lands, aggressive inclines, and high passes with panorama views of the natural features of Ha Giang. Your part is just to be awed. Just take my word, being a customer of BM Travel Adventure is to get a new different experience with every tour, and to grasp new emotions that last long after each journey.

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Notes for a perfect Ha Giang motorbike tour

  • The four stops where you should refill the tank. As a veteran traveler to Ha Giang, I can recommend 4 places where you should refill gas: Those are Ha Giang city, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Mau Due. Just remember to refill at these points and you can forget about backup fuel.
  • When renting a bike, you will get a list of emergency repair vendors along the route with numbers that you can call from should any issues occur.
  • You should avoid traveling at night for the passes that can be dangerous then.
  • Always check the brakes (travel, sensitivity) before departing. You should ask for a check and adjust from the owner before accepting the bike.
  • You should bring along a tube-patching kit.
  • Always have your helmet on.
  • Also, wear braces if available.
  • Keep it slow if you’re new.

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